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Galbraith: William Galbraith 1782 – 1870  x3 icon
Galbraith: William Galbraith more  x1 icon
Gallacher: Father Daniel Gallacher  x1 icon
Gallacher: Billy Gallacher, we salute you  x2 icon
Galloway: Mary & John Galloway, 1970  x1 icon
Gans: Joe Gans vrs Jock Davie  x1 icon
Gardner: Gardners at Auchinraith Terrace – from Neil Scott  x3 icon
Gardner: Archie Gardner – cutting the grass 1950  x1 icon
Gardner: Christine Gardner – 1952 in the garden x1 icon
Gardner: Gardner, Mr WIlliam L – During 1940 from Neil Scott  x1 icon
Gardner: Bill Gardner – of Auchinraith Terrace  x1 icon
Gardner: Alex Gardner – 1950s shared by Neil Scott  x1 icon
Gardner: Bill and Maisie Gardner – Auchinraith Terrace 1936  x1 icon
Gardner: 1930 Gardners – at Auchinraith Road  x1 icon
Gardner: 1957 Gardner & Son – pictured with William Lightbody  x1 icon
Gardner: 1934 David Gardner – Wedding  x1 icon
Gardner: 1938 Gardner Family –  at Auchinraith  x1 icon
Gardner: 1965 Bob, Jim and John Gardner – from Neil Scott  x1 icon
Gardner: 1967 Scots Christening – at Auchinraith  x2 icon
Gardner: 1930 Blantyre folks – Maisie Gardner at Auchinraith  x2 icon
Gardner: 1955 Maisie & Annie – Gardners at Auchinraith  x1 icon
Geddes: James Geddes – b1931 -d2009  x1
Geoghegan: Joseph Geoghegan – pawning incident  x1 icon
Gibson: William Webster Gibson – the Blantyre tenor  x1 icon This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Gibson: Jean Gibson – of High Blantyre 1919 – 2017  x1 icon
Gibson: James McRae Gibson 1868 – 1937  x3 icon
Gilmour: John Gilmour & Jessie Reid, 1941  x3
Gilmour: Gilmour Family Memories Film , 1960s x1camera-film-icon
Gilmour: Samuel Gilmour & Mary Ann Cook  x4 icon
Glen: Davie Glen b1935-d2007  x4 icon
Gloag: Rev Gloag – of High Blantyre  x2 icon
Gourley: William John Gourley – 1879 to 1856  x2 icon
Govan: Alexander Govan 1869 – 1907  x2 icon
Graham: Blantyre Saint – Mr John Graham – his story  x2 icon
Graham: Ronald Graham – 1960 to 1970   x2
Grant: Blantyre Doctor William Grant – his story  x1 icon
Gray: Villagers – recognise anybody  x4 icon
Gray: John Gray and Agnes Murdoch  x1 icon
Gray: John Gray – b1844-d1928  x1
Green: James Green – of Auchentibber Inn  x6 icon
Green: George Green – retires  x1 icon
Guy: James Guy – inheritance 1911  x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1

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