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Fagan: Andy Fagan MBE – Medal winner x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Fallon: John Fallon– footballer x3
Farrell: James Farrell and Mary Bradley – a story x1
Fegan: Fegan and McLindens – of Blantyre x1
Ferrie: Jane Ferrie – the last widow x1
Finlayson: Rev Duncan Finlayson – 1917 – 2012 x2
Fleming: Janet Hamilton Fleming – Milkmaid at Broompark x1
Fleming: Fleming – Ferguson – Mystery x2
Fletcher: Ryan Fletcher – Blantyre actor x1
Forrest: John Clark Forrest– One of Blantyre’s most eminent men x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Forrest: Andrew & Lily Golden Wedding – celebration photo x1
Forrest: Family photos – children 1908 x1
Frame: Janet Fulton Frame – born 1897 x2
Fraser: John J Fraser – labour candidate x1
Fraser: JJ Fraser – Blantyre Miner, Election Expenses x1
Fraser: Elizabeth Rosee Fraser x1
Frawley: Father John Frawley – Blantyre Priest 1877 x2
Frawley: Father Frawley – more on the well known priest x1
French: Hope Nobody’s Watching – Gordon French of Glasgow Rd x1
Fuge: Charles A Fuge – cyclist of Blantyre x3

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