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Scot: Jeanie Scot Childhood 1930s – Shared by Elizabeth Weaverx1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Scott: Patrick Scott – Boathouse 1866 x1
Scott: The Scotts – Golden Wedding x3
Scott: William Scott Jnr – a short life 1873 – 1907 x1
Scott: MacCallum Scott – 1874 – 1928 x1
Scott: Councillor Elizabeth Scott x1
Scott: Norman Scott – ww1 solider x1
Scott: Alexander Sommerville Scott – last man to see Livingstone x1
Scott: Frank Scott – at Prefabs x1
Searg: John Searg – Old Age in the genes x1
Shanks: Rev Thomas Shanks – minister of Blantyre x1
Shanks: Rev Thomas Shanks – more information x3
Shaw: Robert Shaw – 1928 fatal shortcut x1
Sheldon: Blantyre Athlete Grant Sheldon–  Commonwealth Games x1
Sillars: Duncan Sillars – Originally from Blantyre x1
Silvester: James Silvester – Blantyre mans misfortune x1
Sim: Sim Family in London – during 1951 x1
Sim: Pete Sim honoured – street named after him x1
Simm: Simm Endeavour Awards – Archie Simm x2
Simpson: Betty Simpson at Victoria St 1957– shared by Elizabeth Weaver x1
Slater: Courting by the shelter – photo x1
Slater: Slaters settle in Blantyre – ancestry x1
Slater: Alois Schlothauer – brief history x1
Small: William Small – trade unionist x1
Small: William B Small – b1873-d1944 x1
Smellie: Smellie’s Turkey Auction – shared by J Cochrane x1
Smillie: Smillies of Craig Street x2
Smith: Audrey Smith – florist x1
Smith: Jim & Gladys Smith – Wedding 1941 x1
Smith: Robert Smith of Pilot Acre – history x3
Smith: Joe Smith, boxer – b1887 – 1970 x7
Smith: Rajah Smith – fae High Blantir x1
Smith: Farewell William Smith – 1973 x1
Stewart: Stewarts of Park House – photo x1
Stewart: Ian Stewart – MP x1
Stewart: Alex & Wilimina Stewart – at Park x1
Stewart: Walter Stewart – The Master of Blantyre x1
Strachan: Peter Malcom Strachan – well known colliery official x1
Strang: Strang Family from Blantyre – 1910 photo x4
Stewart: Walter Stewart – Westend Barman x1
Stewart: Tom Stewart – lollipop man retires x3
Stewart: Elizabeth Stewart – inheritance fraud x1
Struthers: James Beith Harrison Struthers – Blantyre spirit merchant x3
Struthers: James B Struthers – Stonefield Spirit merchant x1
Struthers: Sarah Kerr Struthers – female on war memorial x1
Stuart: Frances Teresa Stuart – a history x1
Swan: Annie S. Swan – Author visits Blantyre in the 1930s x1

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