Caserta, Ice cream family


Photo by Helen Williams

Josie Caserta in Italy wrote to me on 8th February 2015, saying “Hi could someone please tell me about the cafe which then was a licenced grocers which my uncle and our parents were for so many years. It was near Springwells. My brother and l have so many wonderful memories. My dad use to have an icecream van “tony’s ice-cream”. We now live in ltaly. If someone could send me some stories l would so much appreciate it. Thanks xx”.

This prompted a wave of comments on social media and I’ve picked out the best ones here.

Janice Bickerstaff said “I have great memories as a child of the 3 ice cream vans trying to get the best and busiest spots. Caserta, Andy’s Ices and Joe’s. Caserta van was orange and yellow, Andy’s was red and white and Joe’s was blue and white. Caserta had the best ice cream and the van was stuffed full of sweets so you were spoiled for choice.”

Julie Taylor added, “My brother and sister used to work on the ice-cream van for Angelo Caserta xx”

Caroline Kilgour said, “I used to work on Caserta’s van in the early 80’s. Angelo was the driver . He used to have his run in Coatshill and Priory Bridge.”

Ian Nicholas told us, “Remember the shop next to the robertsons factory at springwell fantastic times when we were young”

Catherine Sneddon added, “Find memories of Tony the ice cream van stayed with my gran at weekends in midfield road when we would have ice cream floats and a free cone for my grans wee dog happy days xx”

Jim Frame commented, “I worked for tony in the late 70s when he went round winton cres burnbrae rd small cres area angelo had a shop down coatshill area we went there a few times fond memories”

Jane Paterson said, “I remember going into Casertas shop at Robertsons, my brotherinlaws sister married Renato who was a lovely Italian chap and they stayed in one of the flats beside Casertas and later moved to London, Tony and his family were so nice.”

Bernadette McParland told us, “I remember your dad Tony very well. He had an ice cream.van. He was a lovely guy. He gave me a lovely gift when I was a wee girl.after I had been ill. Your grandparents shop was the hub of Springwell”

Marian Maguire said, “My husband John Maguire used to play with Angelo when he was about 8/10 they got bikes at the same time, John lived in Mossgiel street in the pre- fabs at that time.”

Finally Gary Doonin added, “Remember the Cassertas van going round Morris Crescent small crescent. In the snow and ice we used to hang off the back of it for a slide, drove the driver barmy. I’m sure he was called Tony and he tried to call everyone Frosho and eventually he ended up getting called Frosho”

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