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Laird: Showing off ‘doon the pit’ – offence x1 icon
Laird: Robert Laird’s watch – photos x2
Laing: Martha Revie Laing b1830 -d1900 x3
Lamond: Lamonds, Beecrofts & Mulhollands – ancestry x3 icon
Lanaghan: Jimmy Lanaghan – 1939 x1
Lang: William Lang – painters grief x1
Larkins: Patrick Larkins 1927 – Boots or food? x1 icon
Lavery: Lavery Couple in brawl – 1908 x1
Lawrie: Alistair Lawrie – on bagpipes x1 icon
Leach: Mrs Leach of Stewartfield Farm – photo by J Cochrane x1 icon
Lees: Margaret Lees – Meg x1
Leggat: Janet Hamilton Leggat – of Auchentibber x1 icon
Leggat: Leggat Family Photos – 1930s x3 icon
Leggat: Arthur Leggat & Annie Davidson – history x2 icon
Leishman: Action for sons death – claim x1 icon
Leishman: Agnes Leishman leaves for Glasgow x2
Lennon: Bernard Lennon b1901 – d1945 x3
Lennon: John Lennon 1907-1980 x1 icon
Lennon: Martin Lennon 1899 – 1966 x2 icon
Lennox: Lennox at Back Priestfield – ancestry x2 icon
Liddell: Liddell & McCallum – of Stonefield x1 icon
Liddell: John Liddell, long server – Livingstone Lodge x1 icon
Liffey: Fate of Pasha Liffey – boxer 1905
Little: Dr Adam Little – footballer x1 icon
Little: Andrew Little – baker retires 1979 x1 icon
Limerick: Mary Limerick, singer x3 icon
Limerick : Mary Limerick -High Seas Romance x1 icon
Lindsay: Andrew & Margaret Lindsay – Merrys Rows x1 icon
Lindsay: James Lindsay– grappler x1 icon
Linkus: Juozas Linkus – in court x1 icon
Lively: William Lively – 1st World War solider x1 icon
Lively: James Lively – d1906 accident x1
Livingston: Cath Livingstone (relative of Neil) x1 icon
Livingstone: Livingstone 200 year legacy– What Livingstone left x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1 icon
Livingstone: David Livingstone – The Blantyre Explorer of Africax1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1 icon
Livingstone: John Livingstone –  the other brother x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1 icon
Livingstone: David Livingstone – Bought Photos and sketches x3 icon
Livingstone: Neil Livingstone – Father of David x1 icon
Livingstone: Agnes & Thomas Livingstone – DL’s children x1
Lockhart: William Lockhart – police inspector b1850-d1939 x1 icon
Logan: Euphemia Logan vrs Closs, 1915 x1
Lombardi: Vincenzo Lombardi – d1942 x1
Louden: Walter and Maggie Louden – history x1 icon
Louden: Walter Louden and Maggie Leitch – more x3 icon
Loughrans: Loughran family – of Fin Me Oot x2 icon
Lynch: Benny Lynch – Boxer of Blantyre x1 icon
Lynch: Andy Lynch – Certificate of Merit x1 icon
Lyon: Martha Lyon – or Reid at Gate Cottage x1 icon
Lyon: Jeannie Lyon – horrific find, 1905

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