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Pate: William Burns Pate (b1908-d1994) x2
Pate: Pate’s Ladysmith Bus – photo x1
Paton: The Ludger – William (Wullie) Paton x1 icon
Paterson: 1920s Patersons of Ulva Place– shared by Margaret Chalmersx3 icon
Patrick: Maggie Downie Patrick – photographed c1910 x1 icon
Patrick: Maggie Downie Patrick – born 1882 x1 icon
Patrick: John Patrick – barman of Struther’s Inn x3
Paterson: Netta Patersonx1
Paterson: Family from Ulva Place x1
Patterson: George Patterson 12 Lancers x10 icon
Patterson: George Pattersons – family x1 icon
Park: David Park – remembered (4) x1
Paul: Stan Ean Paul – in remembrance x1 icon
Peat: 1950s Archibald Peat celebrates 90th birthday– by Mary DeSarno x1 icon
Peel: Robert Peel – death of a hero x1 icon
Pender: Pender family photo – mid 60s x1
Pettigrew: William Pettigrew of Malcolmwood – Anzac Connection x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1 icon
Pettigrew: Pettigrews of Malcolmwood – photo x1 icon
Pettigrews: of Malcomwood – photo x1 icon
Pohler: Alison Pohler – Gala Queen x1 and more. icon
Pollock: Presidential Links to Blantyre – connections to USA presidentx1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1 icon
Pollock: Margaret Aiken Pollock – ancestry x2 icon
Pollock: Albino Twins – Margo & Mari x3 icon
Pollock: Marie Pollock – Co-op Gala Day 1950 x1 icon
Potter: Thomas Potter – Blantyre Anzac Remembered x3 icon
Potter: Potter Brothers – of Auchentibber x1 icon
Potter: Robert Potter and Flora Dickson – 1966 wedding x1 icon
Prentice: Prentice vrs Plontikof – 1980 dispute x1 icon

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