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Hall: Robert Hall – From Blantyre to India x1 icon
Hamilton: William Hamilton of Shuttle Row x4 icon
Hamilton: James Hamilton, Blacksmith x1 icon
Hamilton: Alexander & Susan Hamilton x1 icon
Hamilton: Duchess Nina Hamilton – photo x1 icon
Hamil: Mr. David Hamil – 1921-2017 x1 icon
Hamil: Mr. David Hamil – an extended tribute x10 icon
Hamill: Agnes Hamill, b1900 x1
Haran: Martin Joseph Haran – 1973 x1 icon
Hardie: Keir Hardie visits Blantyre – 1896 x1
Harper: Robert Harper – b1840-d1915 x1
Harris: Mrs Harris’s Charitable Act x1 icon
Harris: George Harris, registrar x1
Hastie: The life and Times of Robert Hastie – Widowed by soliderx4 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1 icon
Harvey: Charles Harvey – lollipop man 1973 x1 icon
Harvey: Charles Harvey – war pension in 1978 x1 icon
Hemphill: George Hemphill – and family x4 icon
Henderson: Robert Henderson 1865 -1953 x1 icon
Henderson: Walter Henderson’s Igloo 1978 x1 icon
Henderson: Captain W Henderson 1923 x1 icon
Hendry: Hendry – Rescuers Golden Wedding Anniversary x1 icon
Hendry: Jim Hendry and Ian Walsh – 1970s x1 icon
Herbertson: The Herbertson Tragedy – Women loses entire familyx1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1 icon
Herriot: Rev John Herriot – of Blantyre x1 icon
Higgins: Joseph Higgins, Glasgow Road quarrel
Hill: George F.B Hill – scoutmaster x1 icon
Hill: Jock Hill & Elizabeth Dick – of Hardie Street x1 icon
Hishmeh: Selim Hishmeh – Interpreter for Stanley x1 icon
Hislop: Jimmy Hislop 1923 – 1976 x1 icon
Hislop: James Hislop – dux medal x4
Hood: Harry Hood 1944-2019 x1 icon
Houldsworth: Richard Houldsworth’s watch x2 icon
Houston: Margaret Houston – Blantyre nurse x1 icon
Houston: More – Margaret Houston x1 icon
Houston: Houston Girls, 1942 x1
Howat: Brian Howat (5) – remembered x1
Hunter: David Hunter – grandfather of David Livingstone x2 icon
Hunter: Agnes Hunter – mother of David Livingstone x1
Hunter: Alexander Walker Hunter – 6 months hard labour x1 icon
Hunter: Rev James E Hunter – minister x1 icon
Hunter: James Halliday Hunter – coalminer x1
Hutchison: Hutchisons at Auchinraith Terrace x1 icon

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