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Baillie: Archibald McCartney Baillie – b1872 – d1937 x2
Bain: Aggie Lloyd Bain – history x7 icon
Baird: John and Sarah Baird – Shared by Jim Cochrane x1 icon
Baird: Christine, Mary & Janet Baird – shared by Jim Cochrane x1 icon
Baird: Alex Baird – born 1897 x2 icon
Baird: Janet Edmiston Baird 1886 – 1967 x1 icon
Baird: Janet Main Baird – 1949 x1 icon
Baird: John and Sarah Baird x1 icon
Baird: Major William Arthur Baird – relation Lord Blantyre x3 icon
Baird: James Baird – 1890 Masonic Certificate x1 icon
Balfour: Jessie Ewart Balfour – 1913 x2 icon
Balfour: Mrs. Michelle Balfourx1 icon
Bannatyne: Andrew Bannatyne of Milheugh – married to Millers x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1 icon
Bannatyne: Bannatyne Girls of Milheugh – portraits x2 icon
Barclay: Harry Barclay at Morris Crescent – photos by Alan Barclay x4 icon
Barr: Joseph Barr – Blantyre WW1 Solider x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1 icon
Barrie: Janet Mann Barrie – mystery of dead babies x5 icon This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1
Battel: Rev John C Battel – at St Josephs in 1946 x2 icon
Batters: John and William Batters – history x1 icon
Batters: Mr Walter Batters – the ironmonger x2 icon
Beaton: Jimmy Beaton – Glasgow Tigers promoter x2 icon
Beaton: Jimmy Beaton – obituary of Speedway promoter x2 icon
Beaton: Beaton Brothers – of Glasgow Tigers x2 icon
Beattie: William Beattie – the Scottish Apollo x2 icon
Begbie: Helen Begbie – Miss Blantyre SNP, 1968 x1 icon
Bell: Robert and Anna Bell – photo 1940s x1 icon
Bell: John and Isabelle Bell – and friends 1960s x1
Benson: Thomas Benson – Cant handle the jute x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1 icon
Benson: Dr Robert Benson – Blantyre connections x1 icon
Berry: Isabella Berry – born 1891 x1 icon
Berry: Annie Berry – nee Kelly x2 icon
Berry: John Baird Berry – bigamy 1909 x1
Binning: Ian Jimmy Binning – footballer x1 icon
Black: Tam Black – Dixon’s Pit disaster last survivor x1 icon
Black: Black Agnes of Dunbar – older history x2 icon
Black: John Anderson Black – and Theresa O Hara x5 icon
Blair: Tom Blair – at Glen Travel in 1978 x1 icon
Blantyre: Mary Blantyre – 1813 – 1901 x1 icon
Bonnar: Edwin Bonnar – retires 1979 x1 icon
Botterill: William Botterill – passes 1980 x1 icon
Boyd: Thomas Boyd – son of Janet Boyd x1
Boyle: Charlie Boyle – remembered x2 icon
Bowie: Bowie Family Connections – shared by Arlene Green x1 icon
Bowie: George & Williamson Bowie – short history x2 icon
Bowie: John Bowie and Janet Shaw – My relatives at Broompark Rdx3 icon
Bradford: George Bradford – English Teacher x1 icon
Bradley: Mary and Robert Duncan Bradley – photo x1 icon
Braid: Christina Braid – of Boathouse x1 icon
Brand: Elizabeth Brand – fatality 1868 x3
Brannan: The Brannans – Late 1960s x2 icon
Brooks: John Brooks b1821-d1895 x3
Brown: Thomas Stewart Brown – some details x2 icon
Brown: Remembering Captain Brown – Headmaster Auchinraith Primary x4 icon
Brown: Captain James Brown – Brief history x1 icon
Brown: Brown – Captain James x1 icon
Brown: Brown Brothers Decorators – Decorating firm at Glasgow Rd x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1 icon
Brown: Pat Brown – 1950s Model from Auchinrath Terrace x1 icon
Brown: Archibald Brown – 1848 to 1912 Market Gardener x1 icon
Brown: Jessie Hunter Brown – 1876 x1 icon
Brown: Jessie Hunter Brown – 1900 x3 icon
Brown: Jen Hunter Brown – school photo 1880 x1 icon
Brown: Bob Brown – and Sally 1970s x1 icon
Brown: Bob Brown – of Hastie’s Farm x2 icon
Brown: Bobby Brown – aged 13 x1
Brown: George Brown – Doon the Pit x5 icon
Brown: Margaret Brown – 100 years old x1 icon
Brown: Jim Brown – Blantyre Prisoners Graffiti x1
Brown: James Brown Junior – President Bowling Club x1
Brown: James Brown champ – returns x1
Brown: Andrew Brown drowned – rest in peace x1
Brownlie: Jimmy Brownlie Jnr – 1885 to 1973 x1 icon
Brownlie: Jimmy Brownlie’s medals – footballer x2
Brownlie: Jimmy Brownlie & Agnes Carmichael – photo x3
Brownlie: Jessie Leishman Brownlie – b1911-d1914 x2
Brownlie: Brownlie Sisters, 1922 x1
Brownlie – Jimmy, the goalkeeper x1
Bryce: James Bryce & Lord James Bryce Jnr x1 icon
Buchanan: Buchanan – 1950 Blantyre YMCA Football Team photo x1 icon
Buchanan: Morris Buchanan, 1962 10 pin Bowling champion x1 icon
Buchanan: Thomas Buchanan – on Blantyre YMCA trip around 1945 x1 icon
Burke: Thomas Burke – 1769 to 1870 x1
Burke: Thomas – Rags to Ritchies x1
Burleigh: Wedding – of Jean Burleigh x1 icon
Burns: Remembering Elizabeth Burns (5) x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1

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