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Rae: Mr. William Rae – Bloodless Surgeon x7 icon
Rae: Miracle – at Station Road, William Rae x1
Rae: William Rae – at home in Station Road x1
Rae: William Rae – Police Illustrated Pics x7
Reddiex: William Potter Reddiex – of Auchentibber x5 icon
Rees: Lionel Rees – Greenhall 1917 x1 icon
Reid: Andrew Reid – covenanter x2 icon
Reid: Robert Reid – 1776-1865 x1 icon
Reid: Looking for Elza Reid – chess connections x1 icon
Reid: Duncan MacFarlane Reid -1908 – 1988 x3 icon
Reid: Rice Ried – a right character x1 icon
Reid: John Reid and Agnes Duncan – 1927 wedding x1 icon
Reynolds: John Reynolds – 1920’s tale x1 icon
Reynolds: James Reynolds – tram driver x1
Rhodes: Rhodes Family History – Blantyre x3
Rice: George Rice – explosion on a train x1
Rice: Hugh Rice – military deserter, 1905
Richardson: Neil’s Superhuman Achievement – running x3 icon
Richardson: James Cleland Richardson – Victoria Cross piper x2
Ritchie: David Ritchie – Early photographer x1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1 icon
Ritchie: David Ritchie – on bike on Generals Bridge x1 icon
Ritchie: Bob Ritchie – b1904 – d1977 x2 icon
Ritchie: Jessie Warnock Ritchie – b1896 x1 icon
Ritchie: Jessie Ritchiex1 icon
Ritchie: Jessie & Kate Ritchie – photo x1
Ritchie: Ritchie Children – 1896 x1
Ritchie: Miss Lizzie Ritchie -c1898 x1
Ritchie: Miss Ritchie  – c1900 x1
Ritchie: Mary Ritchie – b1895 x1
Ritchie: Minnie Ritchie – b1892-d1989 x2
Ritchie: Minnie Ritchie – perfect attendance 1906 x3
Ritchie: Ritchie Siblings – James and Minnie, 1895 x1
Ritchie: William Ritchie – Yankee’s Wrestling Fall, 1904
Ritchie: Robert, Jessie & Kate – around 1905 x1
Ritchie: James Ritchie – b1891 – d1917 x2
Ritchie: Mary Ann Ritchie – nee Fleming x1
Ritchie: In a Barrow – David Ritchie’s son x1
Robb: William Robb b1847-d1916 Flemington Farmer x1 icon
Roberts: Roberts, Mr John – born 1849 x1 icon
Roberts: Pastor Leslie Roberts – of Nazarene x1 icon
Robertson: Canadian Links x2 icon
Robertson: Fiona Robertson – Gala Queen 1979 x1 icon
Robertson: Steven Robertson – Flying High x1 icon
Robertson: David Robertson – 1980 military x1 icon
Robertson: David Robertson – farmer x1
Robertson: John & Janet Robertson – 19th Century x2 icon
Rochead: Jimmy and Minnie Rochead – at Malcolmwood x3 icon
Rochead: Alex Rochead Abseil – March 2015 down Forth Rail Bridge x2 icon
Robinson: Jenny Robinson – Tragic Circumstance upon return x1icon
Rodgers: Eleanor Rodgers – at Elm Street x1
Rooney: Maureen Rooney OBE – A remarkable Blantyre womanx1 This article is in The Blantyre Project Book - A Journey in Time Volume 1 icon
Rooney: James Rooney – headmaster x2 icon
Ross: Rev Alexander Ross – minister of Blantyre x1 icon
Rowlands: Carol Rowlands – away from home 1967 x1 icon
Roy: Stewart Roy – 1978 poster winner x1 icon
Russell: James Russell – b1896 mail runner in WW1 x1
Russell: William Russell and Elizabeth Steven x1 icon
Russell: William Russell , baker and family, 1903 x1
Russell: Robert Russell – b1872-d1925 x4
Russell: Marion Russell, dressmaker – 1902 x4
Russo: The Russo Brothers x1
Ryce: Anne Ryce – Blantyre beauty 1979 x1 icon

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