1979, May Cowan Retires


Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 16.57.15In early February 1979, a ‘labour of love’ that had lasted 33 years ended with retirement.

Miss May Cowan retired as the manager of the Blantyre Unemployment Benefit Office, a position she had held for the previous 4 years. However, her career had spanned 33 years including positions at Bellshill, Motherwell, Carluke and Shotts.

The Blantyre staff at the Unemployment office are pictured presenting May with a typewritter as she intended to write and illustrate children’s books in her retirement years. Area Benefit Manager Mr. R McCrae presents. It was noted May had thoroughly enjoyed her career.

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Anne Marie Murray My godmother right at the front right-hand side Kathleen McLaughlin. Worked there for years till she retired
Anne Mosley Love these old photos ! X
Janey Murray Think that’s Mary Daley behind her x
Margaret Berry Adams Irene did you know this lady?

Irene Muir nopes, cant say I did.

Irene Muir Margaret Berry Adams I do love the way they say Miss May lol
Margaret Berry Adams Ah know the good auld days eah 🤣
Kay Auld Think my old manager of larkhall bru in this photo x
Irene Muir Kay Auld who and where? You are not that old are you?
Kay Auld Lol aye i worked in larkhall bru from 1985 on…jim jordan was my manager but im not sure if the guy with the tash is him…all guys looked the same with face hair lol x
Sandra Gillespie Kay Auld I think you are right – Jim Jordan in the middle.
Kay Auld Sandra Gillespie blast from the past lol…remember making his tea but forgetting to actually boil the kettle first…took both me n nora how good were we as AAs xx

Sandra Gillespie Kay Auld you were just the best AAs ever 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Kay Auld Sandra Gillespie you better no be being sarcastic i probably did your filing 😜
Karen Morton Helen Morton is this where you worked? X

Helen Morton Yeah, was there for a while Karen, but not then x

Karen Morton Thought it might be a bit early x
Helen Morton Karen Morton – how old do you think I am!!! 😂😂
Karen Morton Helen Morton lol, we’re you not YTS in ‘79 😂
Helen Morton Karen Morton – I’m sure I was!

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