1979 Edwin Bonnar Retires


1979 Edwin Bonnar retires St Josephs wmIn March 1979, a familiar face retired from St Joseph’s Primary School, Blantyre.

Mr Edwin Bonnar decided it was time to retire after 43 years in the teaching profession. In this photo, the headmaster of St Joseph’s Primary School is seen with just some of the thousands of pupils he taught.

Do you remember Mr Bonnar?

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Sadie Dolan Yip remember him well he had awfy long skinny fingers lol x
Elaine Speirs I remember all the girls had to courtesy to him and the bows had to bow. What the hell was that all about!

Lainey McGuckin Yep old boney fingers, noticed Duncan Goodfellow, Yvonne McEwan, Collette O Neill and the late Paul Gibson amongst a few others

Liz Smith Aye he was an old ****er to good way that belt he carried over his shoulder xx
Anne Marie Murray He wore the gown looked like batman! Lol not one of the best headmaster s..
Jim Donnelly He replaced old Shug McLeod,We used too call him Batman because he had the big black cape on.
Anne Mosley I remember him , was not than keen on him .

Joseph Kane He tried to change a lot of things but the tyre bhoys no chance 🤪🤪

Tom McGuigan Stern old bugger. I remember we called him batman
Jimmy Whelan He was like skeletor….
Gary Doonin No ma cup of tea

Gary Morrison “Something unusual happened yesterday at the smelling ..”

Lainey McGuckin He was a crabbit old so n so, singing the auld rugged cross for him when he retired as well
Libby Moffat Remember him was a stern old man .

Marianne Stark Aitken A letter sent to my mum from the man himself 1974 when I had the mumps 😂

Carol Goldie I didn’t like him 😡HIm and Mr Deganan took me into his office and shut the door and he belted me six times I was in primary 6 and tiny we girl 😡 and totally distraught cause I was getting the blame for ripping a boys joter (which I didn’t do )
The two of them would have been seen by the police in this day and age
Marianne Stark Aitken Carol that’s awful ☹️😢
Anton Le Grandier Carol Goldie jeez-Mr Degnan. Remember him. Incredible to think primary school children being thumped with a leather strap 😮
Different times indeed.

Carol Goldie Anton Le Grandier thank goodness it is different times
Mr Degnan actually lifted me buy my jumper and dragged me along with my feet of the floor into Mr Bonners office
I have to say after I was returned to class roomthe boy came in to apologise that he had made a mistake
Needless to say mr Bonner and mr Degnan never came near 😡

Carol Goldie Marianne Stark Aitken I know and I never even told my mum 🙁
Linda Halpin Remember him he was scarey lol x

Anton Le Grandier Remember him well.he ran a fishing shop in Fort William after he retired.I met him there while I was looking at some fishing flies-he recognised me by my accent. 😯

David Allan He put fear death in you

William Mullen we rang rings round him…3rd yr boys !! lol wee john was cool

Jim McSorley Must say the man was not the best. He would belt us for being late for assembly. Most of the late guys were up at 4 am doing milk rounds and sometimes came to school late.

Elizabeth Coogans They were to strict. Bully teachers a lot of them.

Sandra Murphy Batman….He was a horrible grumpy cruel head master…he replaced Mr McCloud.

Helen Robb Yes I remember him well, gave me the fear, lol. He was very strict and ran that school like a military camp. 😂😂 xxx


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