1962 Mary, Christine & Janet Baird

1962 Mary Christine & Janet Baird. Shared by J Cochrane

1962 Mary Christine & Janet Baird. Shared by J Cochrane

Jim Cochrane shared this photo adding, “My Great Granny and two of her sisters. Mary Baird, later Struthers standing at the back. She stayed in New street off Stonefield road. Christine Baird, later Carmicheal seated left. She stayed in Small Cresent.  Janet Baird (My Great Granny) seated right. She married Robert Main from Barnhill Farm in 1909 and moved to Little Udston farm.

Later they moved to Rowantreehill Farm, Forth in 1928. She was brought up along with her brothers and sisters at Craigmuir Farm (it is Craigmuir Farm not cottage) she was married there. Her Grandfather moved there in 1881 and her brother Andrew was buried from there in the middle 1960s. His wife and him were the last occupants. The Bairds stayed there for over 80 years. I think this picture was taken in about 1962. Janet Edmiston Main ( Baird ) died in July 1967 at Rowantreehill Farm, Forth.”

On Social media, Nick Rice added, “They must have taken Craigmuir Farm over from my Great Great Grandfather Alexander McWilliam. His son William was born there in 1879. Alexander and his family where at Blantyre Works Farm in 1881”

Elizabeth Weaver told me, “I remember Mrs Carmichael! Did she have a daughter called Chrissie, who married Bob Murie? If so, our uncle Mike Doherty lodged with her before he married our aunt Betty Scott. Mrs C was a lovely woman – our dog Rover used to visit her every day for a tea biscuit! That was back in the days when dogs just strolled around the neighbourhood, making friends.”

and her brother Brian Weaver added, “Mrs Carmichael! I remember her from the early 1950s… Sometimes Rover would take me with him! Mrs Carmichael was really friendly to me when I was very small. I was shy with everyone then, but she obviously knew how to put little boys at ease. It’s people like Mrs Carmichael who create happy communities. Thanks for the photo and for sparking my memory.”

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