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Road Realignment & Spittal Accidents

Road Re-alignment    In January 1927, plans were announced to upgrade the road between Cambuslang and Priory Bridge at a sum of £80,000. Further improvements were budgeted to bypass the Priory Bridge at a cost of £32,000 and to eventually remove the redundant tram standards. By May 1928, there had been complaints that the road […]

Two Explosive Magazines Broken into

I’ve recently posted about the discovery of the Priory Pit Explosive magazine store, near the Playing fields woodland, Low Blantyre. There’s a little story from 1921 about these dynamite magazine stores being broken into. On Friday 18th November 1921 considerable uneasiness prevailed in Blantyre relating to Police raids in the town in connection to break […]

1583 Map of Blantyre

Previous to March 2015, the earliest map I had of Blantyre was from the year 1654. However, I have recently been passed a copy of a map from 71 years even earlier than that! This Lanarkshire map features Blantyre Parish, with scribbled notes and writing in approximate locations. It dates to 1583, not long after […]