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1978 Jessie Mains and Accies Lottery

  Here is Blantyre lady Jessie Mains in September 1978 collecting her winning cheque for the Hamilton Accies Lottery! Jessie won £1,000 (the equivalent of £6,000 in today’s money) and picked up her winnings from footballer Jim Baxter and comedian Mr Abie. Her big win was announced after a match. I hope Jessie treated herself […]

Royal Visit to Bowling Club 1942

Nathaniel Mains contacted me in September 2015, sharing these photos and adding, “My Grandfather William Mains playing bowls with the then Queen Elizabeth at Blantyre Miners Welfare circa 1945” I’ve seen one of the photos before but only in a poor resolution newspaper report. Nathaniel actually having the photos ensured they’re shared here in better […]

1583 Map of Blantyre

Previous to March 2015, the earliest map I had of Blantyre was from the year 1654. However, I have recently been passed a copy of a map from 71 years even earlier than that! This Lanarkshire map features Blantyre Parish, with scribbled notes and writing in approximate locations. It dates to 1583, not long after […]