Priory Bridge bend at Spittal

1920s bad bend at Spittal wm

This photo was issued as a press release during the late 1920’s to show the danger of the bad bend at Spittal, prior to the road re-alignment work.

The road leaving Blantyre crosses over the Priory Bridge where the vehicle is, an area now situated in the middle of woodland.  The road in the foreground had the tram lanes lifted and was realigned straight out the picture to the right, avoiding this bad bend and eventually closing it off. The road at the background now the entrance into Caldergrove, you can just about see the former lodge house in the back right.

With thanks to Gordon Cook for sharing.

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Alan Smith Seen this bridge for the first time yesterday

James Waddell Where is the bridge
Alan Smith As you go along towards Dalton just passed west end bar you will see a turning to the left go down there you will come to a big house at the bottom the bridge is right next to the big house

Anthony Smith I’m old enough that I can still remember going over this bridge on my father’s motorbike combination.

John Dunsmore Yip. Tony, mind oe the. Bridge going back few. Years but we were. There.👌👌👌

Gillian Cunningham Our house was built in 1926 by Thomas Rae a builder from Dean’s park road Cambuslang. The land was purchased from Mrs Janet Jackson who lived at Old Mains Blantyre and her 2 sisters, one who lived n Edinburgh and the other who lived in Strathaven.

Blantyre Project Just over 100 years ago, the 3 sisters also owned much of the land at Springwells, written about last year. In particular the land around Gavin Watson Printers and the Springwell Housing Estate, bordering on to the farmlands of Bellsfield (owned by Craig family).


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