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Auchentibber Earthworks

How fast Auchentibber’s landscape is changing in 2019. The upper fields, high above Blantyre, focusing around the derelict farm are fast transforming in Spring and Summer 2019 as earth is shifted around, levelling fields, infilling hollows and ponds and the like. Hedgerows give way to new fences and the fields themselves ready to be reseeded […]

1910s Rustic Arch & Stairs

Continuing this remarkable series of crystal clear photos from over a hundred years ago. Previously unseen online, here is the former rustic arch and stair at the former Auchentibber Quoiting Green. This photo dates from the 1910’s and was taken from the corner of the quoiting green itself, looking north west. I was recently advised […]

Quoiting Green, 1910’s

Another previously unseen amazing photo of Auchentibber’s Quoiting Green. This time the south eastern corner. Some of the picket fences have been painted white and in the background is the rustic pavilion, which was covered with nailed pieces of bark to make it look like a living, growing building. A players in the foreground, holding […]

1910’s Auchentibber Terraces

Another crystal clear photo of Auchentibber, from over 100 years ago! We’re back inside Auchentibber Gardens, this photo from the 1910’s taken from the Quoiting Green looking eastwards. Photographer was David Ritchie. Outwith the quoiting green, beyond the neat, white picket fences, was an elevated walkway offering a beautiful vantage point to observe the sports. […]

Auchentibber Clean up

If you walked along Auchentibber Road in mid January 2019 you would have noticed things looking a little different. The landowner has trimmed back all the tall hedges on either side of the quiet road and within their own field boundaries. A considerable area of the roadside verges on either side of Auchentibber Road (between […]