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Lady Park

‘Lady Park‘ was the former name of upper fields belonging to Greenhall Estate adjacent to Greenhall Farm. In May 1917, Alexander Marshall Junior (14) of School Lane was caught deliberately setting fire to 8 yards of hedge at Lady Park. He pled guilty in court. He was caught red handed by an approaching police officer who […]

Greenhall Brickworks

A Greenhall Brick! To be more precise, this is a brick from J Wardrop Moore’s Greenhall Brickworks at High Blantyre, a former brickworks, once located just off Craigmuir Road. The brickworks is known to have existed from at least as early as 1862, as its known Blantyre Gas Works on Stonefield Road used these bricks […]

Steps for Stan

On Sunday 24th February this year (2019), myself and some fellow colleagues from Friends of the Calder headed off to Greenhall armed with shovels and spades. The aim was to find a set of steps in the former estate which the late Stan Paul, who once lived there, remembered as a child. We knew roughly […]