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Ward 15

Did you know that in 2007 when Ward 15 (Blantyre) was reviewed by the then Community Council…., Auchentibber, Blantyre Industrial Estate, Priestfield Industrial Estate, parts of Whistelberry Road, Park and Parkneuk were all moved rather quietly, at least on paper and reclassified as “HAMILTON”!? I recently learned this after becoming annoyed at companies clearly within […]

Blantyre Parish Church Communion Tokens

A communion token is a metal token issued to members of Presbyterian churches in order to provide them entrance to the Lord’s Supper. There were many types issued in Scotland in the 18th and 19th centuries, but they were largely superseded by communion cards. These two are Blantyre tokens. The first is from High Blantyre Parish Church, dated 1718. This was […]

1583 Map of Blantyre

Previous to March 2015, the earliest map I had of Blantyre was from the year 1654. However, I have recently been passed a copy of a map from 71 years even earlier than that! This Lanarkshire map features Blantyre Parish, with scribbled notes and writing in approximate locations. It dates to 1583, not long after […]