Loanend and Flemington 1950s


1950s Loanend, looking westwards

1950s Loanend, looking westwards

From the vantage point of the Loanend former colliery, taken from the bing, this 1950’s photo looks towards Loanend Cottages and Flemington.

The cottages at this time were still used as homes, and this is an era before they became cowsheds. (or again later to become the beautiful homes they are now!). In the foreground the old railway bridge that went over the road is being demolished, the elevated track running North westwards over the fields in the direction of the Dalton buildings you see in the background on the right. Spittal Farm would be just out the photo on the right.

On the far left is Flemington Farm, home of the current farmer Mr J. Robb. However, most noticeably in the distance, on the horizon is the bing at Flemington, in what is now many homes at Drumsagard. Dechmont Hill out the photo to the left.

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Shona Glaister Sadly a lot of the trees have been destroyed in storms. There aren’t many left further up the road either, destroyed either by storms or vandals setting fire to them with tyres.

Jim Cochrane Most of The trees were gone long before the cottages were renovated.

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