1950 Frank Scott at Prefabs


36003149_2178969205453584_1761087044064378880_nElizabeth Weaver shared this photo from around 1950, adding, “This is my Uncle Frank (Scott), cousin Robert and cousin Ian in the pram. Taken at the prefabs in High Blantyre. Possibly on Mossgiel Street?”

The prefabs at High Blantyre were still relatively new at this time.

Speaking of the prefabs, Elizabeth added, “They were lovely. I remember they had fitted fridges, long before fridges were commonly used. Large gardens and picket fencing.”

Thanks to Elizabeth for sharing.

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Jean Gibson My friend Ann Hay lived in Afton Street. I loved her house.

Ann Ford I stayed in Afton street.

Mary Sitters Oh wow that is my Uncle Frank!!
Jim Frame Ellisland street for me

John Cornfield Cracking picture

Drew Fisher We lived in Afton St also. Yes the fridge was brilliant for making your own iced lollies and we missed it after the move. My mother did not miss constantly wiping the condensation from the walls though!

Liz Jack Born 30 burns street next to the green shop

Alexander Young Stayed at 9 Afton street from 1958 until it was pulled down in 68.
Jim McDougall Stayed at 13 Lochlea Street, From 1948 to 1967

Ann Hartman Stayed at 8 Lochlea street till 1967 ish The Doherty family great memories great wee hoose in summer cauld as ice in winter

Etta Morrison Love seeing pics of the old blantyre..my aunt stayed in the prefab think it was named Armour St but could be wrong..

Andrew Little 20 Ellisland St for me

Jane Paterson Mosgiel Street for us x
Ian Nicol My uncle and aunt lived in Watson Street.

Marian Maguire My husband stay in mossgiel Street.

Mae Park My family lived in Nith Street

Liz Rafferty 17 mosgiel st for me loved it mum betty dad Sammy and brother Alex great memories xxx

Irene Berry Milligan Mossgeil St for me ! Lovely memories

Kenneth Downie 38 Burns Street

Carole Mackie Rickard My Mum grew up at 43 Mossgiel Street

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