Simm Endeavour Awards

Auchinraith Primary – One man’s Generosity

image1In recent weeks, we learned of a remarkable kindness and generosity of spirit by a particular individual, that we thought we would share. This discovery is shared with permission in the hope it will perhaps motivate others to do the same.

Archie Simm, a Blantyre expat now living in America has honoured his former school of Auchinraith Primary, in the most wonderful, fitting manner by making generous donations for many, many years. Something he has done for 15 consecutive years, generally anonymously, with not even his own family knowing about it until recently!

Archie has very kindly sponsored “Endeavour awards”, which are awarded very specifically, not to the top achieving pupil, but recognising the kids who have shown outstanding EFFORT in all they do. Maybe a child was failing in a subject but buckled down and lifted their work, concentration and got better grades as a result? The annual award truly recognises effort and installs the ideology, “success breeds success.”

A number of books and certificates are also awarded as prizes, 3 times a year and the ultimate winner has an engraved shield to take home at the end of the year all at Archie’s cost. Their name is also engraved on the main shield held at the school, which proudly hangs on the wall.

Visit to Scotland

In recent weeks when Archie visited Scotland on holiday, his 3 daughters found out about the award and were rightly proud and very moved. The secret was out and has inspired them also to think of doing something similar.

The annual award and Archie’s generosity each year is greatly appreciated by Auchinraith Primary School, as the smile on head teacher Julie McCullough’s face clearly shows.


We met up with Archie last month when he visited Blantyre. He told us, “It is wonderful to know children are working and trying so very hard.” Supporting Blantyre is other ways too, we were finely impressed by Archie’s generosity and listening to his holiday adventures. Indeed, several hours passed by as we chatted about “Old Blantyre!”

Archie is pictured alongside pupils of Auchinraith Primary whilst visiting in March 2018. The other picture shows Head Teacher Julie McCullough with the school shield and all the badges recognizing the awards given.

A heartwarming story! Well done Archie!

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