Mr Sim, Blantyre man recognised

19830069_1436697023089166_1630245665_oI just HAD to exclusively share this wonderful story tonight.

They say reward and recognition comes to those who work hard, not for themselves but for their community. Well, thats exactly what happened to Mr Peter Sim this week, in a turn of events that is most deserving. Congratulations go out to Mr Pete Sim, formerly of Blantyre who this week was delighted to have a whole brand new street in London named after him! A lasting legacy to this man’s life achievements.

The accolade was in recognition of his excellent work in the local London community over many years.

Pete Sim was born in 1939,  formerly of Baird’s Rows (Craighead Rows) in Low Blantyre. He is the youngest of 4 children of Peter and Helen Sim. His father was a hard working miner. Around 1960, shortly after demolition of the rows, Pete left Blantyre with some friends around the age of 21 and headed for London for employment.  He met and married a lady named Pat (pictured) over 50 years ago and they set up home in England.

Eva Brown, who is Pete’s sister and kindly shared this happy photo told me, “He’s always worked for the community and helped to get the area regenerated and that’s why he and another man were honoured by each having a street named after them.”

I wish a heart congratulations to Pete and hope he took time out to celebrate.

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Isabel Mcneily Bairds rows are where we lived (Clarkin) middle row
James Nicholl Is he related to my grandad John Sim at all? My grandad was brought up in Bairds Rows.
Ann Higgins Crossar I think your grandad John would be this Peters dads brother and they both are the children of Andrew Sim and Catherine Hollywood – Andrew and Catherine lived at 81 Bairds Row and are my great grandparents. (My mum is Cathie Sim).
The Blantyre Project Ann Higgins Crossar the story of how the Sims arrived in Bairds Rows is scheduled a little later this year.
Ann Higgins Crossar What a great story to read. Peter is my mums cousin. 👍
Ann Higgins Crossar Sheldon Sim – thought you might like this wee story about your Scottish connections – I think this Peter is your dads second cousin. Your grandfather Thomas would be this Peters full cousin. (If I’ve worked it out correctly!😳😀).
Sally Jamieson How lovely.x
Anne Mackie Congratulations from another Sim No relation xxxxxx
Janet Cochrane My husband’s great grandmother was Mary Sim her parents were John Sim and Francis Park
Ann Higgins Crossar This Peters great great grandparents are John Sim and France’s Park – I’ve done the family tree and have lots of information on the Sims if your husband is interested. I’ve got Frances and John Sim’s daughter Mary marrying William Cochrane (which is where Cochrane name comes in!) we are connected through Mary’s brother Hugh who married Catherine Deasley (Daisley). So I am a distant relation of your husbands! 👍
Janet Cochrane Are you Anne Higgins that went to Mrs. McPherson’s and elinors dancing .I am Janet from next door Mrs Marshalls
Ann Higgins Crossar Janet Cochrane yes – in fact I went to Zumba a few years back with your mum I’m sure! It’s a small world! Xx
Janet Cochrane It was me you went to zumba with I worked with your mother in asda my father in law would have been Peter Sims fathers cousin It is indeed a small world
Ann Higgins Crossar Janet Cochrane – oopsie! Apologies! 😳 Don’t know why I thought it was your daughter who had responded! I was going to mention the Asda connection with my mum too! 😀. So your father in law was my papa Chucks cousin too then! Which means your husband is my mums second cousin! (And I bet you never knew that working in Asda!😳😀) love the Blantyre Project – just gets better! Paul. 👍👍
Peter Sim Thank you for posting! I’ll make sure my dad sees this and all of the wonderful comments! x
Aileen Hamilton Tell your dad that John Hamilton sends congratulations and says Peter and Nellie would be very proud!xx
The Blantyre Project Thank you Peter. Please pass on my congratulations and thanks to Eva for sharing here first yesterday so quickly after the event. All the best.
Peter Sim Aileen Hamilton Just spoke to him, he says thank you and sends best wishes to you all! x
Eva Brown My father Peter’s brothers were Andrew John William Charles(Chuck) and Jock who all lived in Blantyre and his sisters were Mary Annie and Lizzie who all lived in Fife eventually. It was a big family with all the cousins. Hope this helps all who commented.
Ann Higgins Crossar Chuck was my papa – his name was Hugh but got Chuck cos he liked his chuck (food!). I’ve tagged Sheldon Sim in this – he lives in Canada and his great grandparents are John Sim and Mary Kelly – John is your grandad Andrews brother and they emigrated aSee more
The Blantyre Project Amazing all the connections this page makes between families! Thanks Ann.
Janet Cochrane I love this family history stuff it’s great what you can learn through the local history sites
Andy Simm Congratulations from Andy Simm from Blantyre Miners Welfare
Eva Brown My father Peter’s brothers were Andrew John William Charles(Chuck) and Jock who all lived in Blantyre and his sisters were Mary Annie and Lizzie who all

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