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Breaking Ground for Railway, 1858

The ceremony of breaking ground on the under section of the Strathaven Railway took place on Tuesday 4th May 1858 at the the farm of Broompark, Blantyre, the property of John Gardiner, Esq. Under the direction of the engineer acting on the line, a number of the adjacent proprietors and landowners whom the novelty of […]

McLean Delivery Drivers

Hopefully this is the first time you’ll have seen this wonderful high resolution photo of the McLean Brothers (of Springfield Mineral Water Company), High Blantyre. I believe the photo was taken around 1910 and I have zoomed in on several features and characters in the picture, for more detail. The photo was taken in Priestfield […]

Dixons Vent Pipe, Hillhouse Rd

Pictured here in April 2016 by Blantyre’s Alex Rochead is a black modern vent pipe, which is inserted into the ground, just off the pavement on Hillhouse Road, High Blantyre, directly across from the Priestfield Cemetery. The pipe serves to vent gasses from the former William Dixon’s Colliery tunnels far below the ground.With the worst mining […]

Redcroft, High Blantyre

Redcroft – in High Blantyre land came up for sale in 1863 near the Old Parish Church, called Redcroft. The ad went thus: “To be sold by Public Roup, in the Faculty Hall, Saint George’s Place, Glasgow, on Wednesday, 18 February, 1863, at Two o’clock, afternoon, unless previously disposed of by private bargain. An enclosed […]