Category: Blantyre Oddities

Rainbow at Shott

I took this photo on 19th September 2018 during a heavy rain-shower. Coming down the road from Greenhall, i noticed this spectacular double rainbow over Shott. This is an area going through remarkable transformation in 2018. New houses at Greenhall Village surround the walled garden of Shott House, which has again gone up for sale, […]

1915 Blantyre Ambulance

  I’d never seen this amazing photo before until September 2018. Pictured is the Blantyre Ambulance in May 1915. Several postcards exist showing the ambulance at Calderglen and Caldergrove, but this photo was the first I’d seen it at Milheugh House, the former house beside the Calder Falls. The ambulance was bought by funds raised […]