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Breaking Ground for Railway, 1858

The ceremony of breaking ground on the under section of the Strathaven Railway took place on Tuesday 4th May 1858 at the the farm of Broompark, Blantyre, the property of John Gardiner, Esq. Under the direction of the engineer acting on the line, a number of the adjacent proprietors and landowners whom the novelty of […]

Runaway Train at Broompark

  An accident occurred on the morning of Tuesday 31st July 1928 which involved the derailment of a goods train at Broompark Farm, High Blantyre. The farm was tenanted by James Rochead, a former local farmer whose farm once stood alongside the Hamilton to Strathaven railway on the L.M.S. line at a location directly across from where Saint […]

Looking to Victoria Street and the Cemetery 1955

  I have marked up this 1955 aerial photo to show some interesting features and how much Blantyre has changed at that location. Looking towards Victoria Street and beyond to the High Blantyre Cemetery, westwards. The houses at Welsh Drive and Victoria Street int he foreground are recognisable and haven’t changed much, but beyond Victoria […]

Broompark Farm, Blantyre

Broompark Farm was a farm steading built around the mid 1700’s on the lands of Mains, Blantyre. (Margaret Gardiner was born there in July 1763). With a farmhouse already at Old Mains, this new property was initially known as New Mains. You can read the story of how New Mains became Broompark here http://blantyreproject.com/2014/01/28/how-newmains-became-broompark/ The 1859 […]