McLean Delivery Drivers

Hopefully this is the first time you’ll have seen this wonderful high resolution photo of the McLean Brothers (of Springfield Mineral Water Company), High Blantyre.

I believe the photo was taken around 1910 and I have zoomed in on several features and characters in the picture, for more detail.

The photo was taken in Priestfield Street, looking across to Main Street. In the background is Robert Todds, the bakers and to the right of that Loch Ryan Cottage, which is today now McLeans Newsagents. The Priestfield Tree is a great recognisable feature also still there today.

The delivery drivers have loaded up with their aerated water and gingeraid and are ready to set off by horse and cart on their rounds. The McLean Brothers, smartly dressed proudly stand at the front of the procession. William McLean, one of the salesmen. It would seem the salesmen had leather satchels, presumably to keep their money in and perhaps delivery lists. The crates are made of wood and the bottles have their corks secured by tie wire.

There’s a lack of leaves on the tree, so this was a winter or spring picture and the little lantern on the front of the cart, would have come in very handy as the horse made its way back through Blantyre, back towards the Springfield Mineral Water Company factory.

Thanks to Gordon Cook for a better version of this photo than I had.

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  1. Thanks for the story on the McLean brothers, my ancestors. I have copies of the same photos, but it was nice to read your story. Alexander McLean who died in the Udston disaster was my Great Great Grandfather. His son, James was my Great Grandfather, his daughter Annie was my Dad’s mother. My Gran, Annie was born in 46 Craig Street, Blantyre in 1906 and had her own bakery in Cambuslang. I have been in touch with Colin Gilchrist who is my 3rd/4th cousin. Several family members are buried in High Blantyre cemetery.

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