1770 Roman Find in Blantyre

A newspaper article from nearly 250 years ago! From the Middlesex Journal London, May 17th – 19th 1770.

“A few days ago, while some labourers were employed in sinking a well at Blantyre in Scotland, they dug up a couple of copper vessels full of antique Roman silver coins, struck in the reign of Augustus.”

The old Roman coins were found by labourers sinking a well at Priestfield in High Blantyre. Local historian Gordon Cook shared these photos, adding they may have been similar to those found.

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George Hay Have you any info on a possible urban myth of arrow heads being dug up in the field around Afton Gardens when the estate was being built?
Blantyre Project there certainly were urns and grave goods, including stone kist (coffin) but i cant recall reading about arrow heads.
Jim Cochrane Any idea what happened to the coins.
Blantyre Project presumably in museum. I think some bronze age goods ended up in Kelvingrove, although not on display. Such coins may have ended up there too?. Not sure about that.

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