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1917 Somewhere in High Blantyre

  This photo postcard is one hundred years old. It’s certainly dated from 1917 for on the back it simply says “Somewhere in High Blantyre”. Very faintly at the top right is the pencil word, “Scot” which may or may not be relevant. Shared by Gordon Cook, the picture presented several mysteries in both who is […]

1908 Back of Auchentibber Inn

Another previously unseen photo has been shared here by Alex Bowie. This time around 1908 photographed at the back of the Auchentibber Inn, Sydes Brae. Developed from the glass plate negative, this clear photo captures the back of the Auchentibber Inn (which is pictured on the far left). JB Struthers was innkeeper at the time. […]

1920 Auchentibber Inn

This photo dates from around 1900. A delivery outside the Auchentibber Inn (and no doubt some of the people inside, coming out for a photo opportunity!). The Auchentibber Inn sat about halfway up Sydes Brae, on the corner of Auchentibber Road.The small, single storey building was made of stone and the gable you see here […]