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1954 High Blantyre Main Street

This photo dates from approximately 1954 and shows High Blantyre Main Street. Pictured from the corner of Priestfield (roughly where the Apollo Bar) is today, the view looks Eastwards back towards Causeystanes and Auchinraith. A few things like McLeans newsagents, the large Priestfield Tree and Blakelys pub will still be recognisable, but other features like […]

1915 High Blantyre Kirkton Cross

Until recently, I’d only ever seen a low resolution version of this photo of High Blantyre top cross at Kirkton. Now scanned in high resolution, some details I’d previously missed, are now apparent. (click on photo to zoom in) Pictured in 1915 and looking Eastwards along Main Street, there are some small details like the […]