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Korek – 323 Glasgow Road, Blantyre

Korek Constructed: c 1869 Other Names: Brownlie House Constructor: Robert Lindsay Original Address: 301 Glasgow Road House Type: 2 Storey Houses Current Address: 323 Glasgow Road     Brief Summary: The name ‘Korek’ may have Polish origins, although there is no immediate connection to constructor Robert Lindsay, who built this twinned property in 1869. Similar to […]

1978 Planting Larkfield Bing Trees

  Several people over the years have asked me about this, so hopefully this answers the question, “When were the trees planted at Larkfield Bing?” On Friday 10th March 1978, two councillors put their backs into it along with more than a little help from dozens of local schoolchildren, to make Blantyre a more beautiful […]

The Barnhill School Room

<<< Back to Schools Very recently I found out that Barnhill had a little school. Well, to be more precise, it had a little building with one room used as a classroom. The little property was fully detached, made of stone with a thatched roof, opening out on to Bardykes Road, Barnhill. It was located […]

1930 Auchinraith Junction Renovation

Oh, where do I start with this fantastic picture!? There are SO many things I love about this. First, it is with many thanks to Robert Brownlie for sharing these photos. I’ve put together a few words in addition to his own. During 1931 and 1932, contractors removed the old rusty iron bridges (erected in […]

1971 The Construction of ‘Jerusalem’

We turn now to 1971. Photographed from above is the commencement of the new housing estate at Jerusalem, High Blantyre. Of course this is the affectionately nicknamed housing estate which has white homes and initially had flat roofs. It did once look very middle Eastern. In this photo, the East Kilbride Expressway had not yet […]