1915 High Blantyre Kirkton Cross

1915 High Blantyre Top Cross at Kirkton

1915 High Blantyre Top Cross at Kirkton

Until recently, I’d only ever seen a low resolution version of this photo of High Blantyre top cross at Kirkton. Now scanned in high resolution, some details I’d previously missed, are now apparent. (click on photo to zoom in)

Pictured in 1915 and looking Eastwards along Main Street, there are some small details like the kids on the right look about 3 or 4 years old, playing happily in the street. The Church Hall buildings on the left look clean and pristine and why shouldn’t they? They were only about 22 years old in this photo!

The ‘Frys Chocolate’ sign in the cafe window. The residential curtains on the upper floors with people living above the shops. The Kirkyard tree, although large, has nowhere near the canopy it has now. The dung from horses in the street, the sign is missing from the General store on the right (tenements built in 1865). By 1905 the general store was still functional and it is understood that corner building eventually became a pub, moving there from a terraced position just out the picture to the right. Its the people and figures who make this photo interesting. Normal, everyday scene. I think the picture was the subject of a postcard as it was a populated area in Blantyre with new tenements and halls and a generally nice vantage point for the picture. Maybe i’m biased. For me, it’s now also 1 minute from home.

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