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Stonefield Brickfield

Owner of Scottish Brick History website (www.scottishbrickhistory.co.uk) Mark Cranston recently sent me this photo of R McAlpine brick , made at Stonefield, Blantyre. Stonefield Brickfield was established and located at the North East end of John Street in 1841 (then just a track without name). We have a wonderful description preserved in the 1859 valuation […]

McAleenans from John Street

Betty McGauley writes, “I’m trying to find out about the McAleenans from John Street. My great gran and grandad came from Ireland. Thank you.” I was able to reply with: “Hi Betty. The name McAleenan or MacAleenan first arrived in Blantyre between 1890 and 1895 when Labourer Bernard McAleenan took up residence at Broompark Place at […]

John Street Gable Collapse – rehousing

  In the early hours of 2nd December 1946, the gable of 4 John Street collapsed in a fierce storm that Sunday night/ Monday morning. It rendered six families homeless. Although the authorities rehoused three families, three families remained defiant about not moving until they were satisfied that alternative accommodation would be up to standard. Luckily nobody was […]