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1955 Looking to Main Street, Auchinraith

  An aerial photo of Blantyre in 1955 best shows High Blantyre Main Street at Auchinraith. I was contacted by a Blantyre Project ready who used to live in a former tenement on Main Street at the top of Auchinraith Road. The former tenement building is no longer there today. I’ve marked up several interesting […]

1910’s Bellsfield Farm Milk Deliveries

Dating from around the 1910’s, this previously unseen photo shows Blantyre milk deliveries taking place. Pictured is Alexander Craig and two milkmaids for his farm at Bellsfield, High Blantyre. The people stand holding milk jugs for delivering smaller quantities from the milk churns. The cart is clearly labelled although the exact location in unknown as […]