1890 Bardykes Road & Barnhill

1890 Barnhill and Bardykes Road

1890 Barnhill and Bardykes Road

A charming photo taken around 1890 of Bardykes Road looking North. The buildings and walls on the left are all now long since gone. On the right Brownlie cottage protrudes out into the road, part of which was later cut away in 1929 when the road was widened and re-profiled for traffic. Also on the right is the Barnhill Tavern, nowadays, the modern “Hoolets Pub”.

The rural scene is a sleepy one, with a dog laying sleeping in the middle of the road, something i can assure you would not happen today! Children are out for the photo.

The vantage point is in the middle of Bardykes Road with the Pech Brae leading off in the immediate foreground left hand side.

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