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1930 Priestfield Terrace postcard

Following on from the recent articles about Priestfield Terrace, the High Blantyre Priestfield Hall recently showed me this nice colorised postcard. Pictured is Priestfield Terrace, possibly around 1930. As with many postcards, things appear slightly different for dramatic effect, and i suspect the background landscape has been altered to appear more “dramatic” or fill the […]

1905 Blantyre Works Mills

Whilst this postcard of Blantyre Works Mills dates from 1905, I think it depicts a slightly earlier scene. By 1905, the mills had fallen into decline , yet in this postcard, nicely colourised, the scene looks pristine and new, (and effect i think of the colourisation and touching up the photo). The large mill buildings […]

1915 Blantyre Works Mills

Pictured in 1915, from William Low, Glasgow postcard series is Blantyre Works Mills.The scene looks idyllic, but the mills had actually stopped working over 20 years earlier, and these buildings represented a legacy that left many people unemployed. They quickly fell into disrepair and were only partially used thereafter , until their eventual demolition in […]