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Former Streets of Blantyre

Blantyre has many, many streets that are now no longer here. I’ve been looking at these in recent weeks and started compiling information where they were and when they were there or demolished. Some large buildings with their own names, usually tagged with the word “Place”, have also been demolished. The names with “Place” attached […]

Millar’s Sports, Matha the Pole

Pictured here in the 1970’s is Glasgow Road at the top of former Clark Street (now at Devlin Grove). This block was home to several shops, but perhaps the most notable and well remembered was Matt/Matha the Poles Or better known as Millar’s sports emporium! The “Pole” was an affectionate nickname, for they weren’t Polish, but […]

1978 Glasgow Road near Clark Street

Back to Glasgow Road. This time 1978, a time when huge redevelopment was underway. Blantyre residents go about their daily business, hands full of shopping, for Glasgow Road had just about everything you would ever need at that time. Looking towards Burnbank, the picture is taken near the former junctions of John Street and Clark […]