Millar’s Sports, Matha the Pole

1970s Millars Sports Martha the Poles

1970s Millars Sports Martha the Poles

Pictured here in the 1970’s is Glasgow Road at the top of former Clark Street (now at Devlin Grove). This block was home to several shops, but perhaps the most notable and well remembered was Matt/Matha the Poles Or better known as Millar’s sports emporium! The “Pole” was an affectionate nickname, for they weren’t Polish, but were actually Lithuanian.

Amongst the many items sold were sports shoes and football tops and all at prices you could afford. Matt Millar lived in Ivy Place with his family. His son Gerry is now living in Canada.

I was once told that Matha held card schools in Hawthorn Place. They would play at the front of the close till the wee small hours. It was great for children who would sometimes play ‘poley’ under the light till about 3am!!

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  • Elizabeth Weaver Back in the 50s, he was known as Matha (no ‘R’) – old Scots pronunciation of Matthew. I knew a few Mathas in Blantyre, but yes, this man was usually known as Matha the Pole. Anyone from the eastern part of Europe was described as Polish in those days (and he was too polite to correct us!).

  • Thomas Barrett He spent the last years of his life in Devlin Grove.
  • Gary Doonin Used to sell the segs for yer shoes
  • Margaret Brown Burns I remember it well
  • Elizabeth O’Donovan Gerard the son was in my class at St Joseph’s he was a clever boy and always very smartly dressed with his hair immaculate! also I remember his sister Elizabeth dying very young I think she was about 10/11 years of age.
  • Kenny Mcinulty Big Gerry Miller is a top guy I have not seen him for years had lots of good times with Gerry
  • Eva Brown Need to correct you about Matha Millar, he lived in Hardie Street. His son Frank lived in Ivy Place and then Devlin Grove, and it’s Frank’s Son Gerry who lives in Canada. Both Frank and daughter Annie worked in the shop.
  • Jeanette Allardyce Ward Mind getting took there for your penny blacks for gym lol x
  • Lillias Addison Frank Millar married a friend of mine and the lived in Hamilton he sadly died a few years ago franks brother was called Gerry and lives in Canada
  • Michelle Boyle A stay right there .amazing

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