Former Streets of Blantyre

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 09.47.17Blantyre has many, many streets that are now no longer here. I’ve been looking at these in recent weeks and started compiling information where they were and when they were there or demolished.

Some large buildings with their own names, usually tagged with the word “Place”, have also been demolished. The names with “Place” attached tended to be buildings, the others noted as streets. These are explored in some detail in my forthcoming “Blantyre Explained” book and include;

Albert Place,
Alpine Street,
Annfield Terrace,
Brownsland Place,
Burnview Place,
Coopermindale Place,
Clark Street,
Forrest Place,
Gardiners Place,
Greenside Place or Greenside Street
Hospital Road,
Jackson Place,
Jackson Street,
Kirkland Place,
Newhouse Road,
School Lane,
Ulva Place,
Victoria Place and
Whifflet Place.

I’ve many more still to add and if anybody would like further information on these former Blantyre streets and buildings, just let me know.

On social media:

Gary Doonin What about an Adam St . In Blantyre ,I know there was an Adams building .

Sheila Hole Anyone know Watson street. My father was born there.

The Blantyre Project Yes Sheila – Watson Street is still there today. My childhood home had a fence boundary with Watson Street. It joins Broompark Road to Hunthill Road.


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  1. My grandfather was born 2 Joanna Terrace in 1900. Its still there but no old houses, any photos please.

  2. Hi,please can you tell me anything about a place called Stonefield on Stonefield Parish Road . I had relatives living there in 1871 census. Thanks

    1. Hi Sue – Stonefield is an area, a large part of Blantyre. It was once a hamlet, (little village in itself) although it grew rapidly after the discovery of coal in Blantyre, Stonefield being an area many people chose to live at. The primary road through Stonefield is Glasgow Road although Stonefield Road itself was part of the area. If you can tell me more about where in Stonefield they lived, I may be able to point you to a more specific area.

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