Glasgow Road 1904



Pictured here looking eastwards is Glasgow Road. Behind the building on the right is Church Street and you can see the roof and steeple of Stonefield Parish Church at the top right. The steeple is leaning northwards and it would later be demolished for safety. To the left is former Clark Street leading off Glasgow Road, opposite where the tram is.

The date is 1904, trams running for only a year or so. The double storey tenement on the right, once at the corner of Church Street was previously used as a hall for the church and today this would be on the vacant ground near the entrance at Logan Street up to Asda Petrol Station.

On the very far right of the picture, you can just about see the gable of The Priory public house. The ground between the hall and the Priory Pub was originally vacant and you’ll see large billboards screening it off, perhaps advertising the newly opened cinema.

This vacant ground between 1904 and 1910 saw the building of further tenements between the hall and the pub. One of those buildings was to be a bank.


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