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St Johns’ Wood & Episcopal Church

   During the 1930’s, situated between Logan Street moving east was a small wooded area, which ran through to Church Street. The wood ran alongside the drill hall, what we know now as “Terminal One” Youth building. The name “St John’s Wood” was common to the 1930’s and 1940’s era and was less used post […]

Mr Walter Batters, the Ironmonger

  Walter Batters was born in 1846 in Carluke, to William Batters and Jane Black, Walter Batters Senior and was an ironmonger by trade. The Batters family arrived in Blantyre around 1877 coming initially from Carluke then latterly via Hamilton. Walter Batters married Jeannie Hastie (the daughter of a High Blantyre Ironmonger James Hastie) on […]

Batters Ironmongers

  Batters Ironmongers was a former late 19thand 20th Century shop on the north side of Glasgow Road at numbers 142 and 144, located on the lower floor of Millar’s buildings, stone tenements, situated between John Street and Clark Street. The shop was 144, the house above 142 and both were located mid terrace in a […]