St Andrews Church, 1984

1984 St Andrews Church

I had to stop for a second when writing this to double check the date. 1984….was that REALLY 36 years ago?! This photo taken at Glasgow Road looks over to St Andrews “new” church at the corner of Church Street.

The cars may have changed, but actually looking at how the building is today, there is little change, the scene still recognisable.

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Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Blantyre Project I’ve always thought there was a drive to reduce the amount of overhead street lighting cables from pole to pole over the years with a goal to remove them all completely, but these photos show that cables can actually appear in later decades, avoiding the need to dig up the street and hidden, was not always best.
Kenneth Martin More pot holes in the road now unfortunately
Mary Dawson Unfortunately my father was repairing street lights when his driver moved off and my father’s neck was caught in these wires and he was catapulted onto his head and seriously injured. He was 48 and was never the same man suffering severe pains and ailments until he died. I fir one was glad to see them gone.
Blantyre Project Oh my, Mary. Thats awful. Wires have had their day. There’s not so many left now.
Jane Scobbie I know. It’s so hard to believe. I got married in the old church and that was 50 yrs ago come March. Not married now

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  1. I remember when this church was built, we received a letter from our neighbour, Mrs Mary Dick, who told us that our old church had burnt down. I was devastated, knowing that I could never again go back to my beginnings here, the church being my spiritual home that I clung to all the way over here in New Zealand. I never found another quite like what I had experienced here at Stonefield Parish Church. And then to give the church a new name was the final blow. While I have nothing against “St Andrew”, for me it was the last connection to my home church. I have never been back.

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