Stonefield Parish Church, 1980

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On 3rd September 1979, Stonefield Parish Church suffered a similar fate to other Blantyre churches that decade after going on fire. This appeared to be an accident following work being done on the roof.

Despite losing their church building, the congregation remained resilient. During the next 3 years they travelled further west and met in the Livingstone Memorial Church each Sunday afternoon, boosting the congregation there.

However, the Stonefield Parish Church was a boarded up ruin in Winter 1979 and was demolished in 1980 not long after this photo was taken. The land was cleared completely to make way for the brand new St Andrew’s Church. Stonefield Parish Church has fond memories for many people in Blantyre, especially all those happy couples who married or had children christened there.

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said:

Margaret Farmer Awards programs for Blantyre High School we’re also held here
Robert McLeod-Wolohan that was where i went to sunday school when i was a kid, lol then went to adult services when i was aged to do so. brings back fond memories.
Gordon Gemmell My old house in the background, 2 Church Street
Blantyre Project was that demolished in 81 Gordon?
Gordon Gemmell Blantyre Project yes mate, had a tree growing out the roof
Archie Peat I was christened there and was a member of the 3rd Blantyre Cubs and Sunday School based there . Minister was Rev. Malcolm Findlayson ( 1950s
Sadie Dolan Great Memories walking down elm st along to the joes school,x
Liz Boxall Got christened there and attended Sunday school too
Alan Crichton My parents got Married in that church around 1970
Jim Donnelly They wee kids in the buggy will be early 40s now
Sheena Thomson Christened in1951 and married in 1969in this church.
Mary McGaulley Got christened there went to Sunday school in the hall across from Rosendale and then to Stonefield Parish for the Sunday service after that.
Andy Lynch My favourite bus stop walked down elm street from my grans in Auchinraith road for the 62, 64 or 66. It was better if the 230 came that meant I didn’t have to walk down to Morven ave from the west end as this stopped next to our house.
Sadie Dolan Andy Lynch was your granda sanny frew?
Andy Lynch Sadie Dolan yes 68 Auchinraith road he was always on the dyke outside the house
Sadie Dolan Andy i used to go to shop for your granda we stayed in beech place i was friends with your cousin Anne frew when she came to visit x
Linda Halpin Telephone box remember they stank lol xx
Eva Brown Was married in it and my son and daughter christened in it. Also went to Sunday School there and Brownies and Guides! Lots of memories
Sandra Mckeown Went to this Church after The Salvation Army Church closed down. Walked the wall a few times too. 😉 Was a beautiful building inside and out.
Sandra Goodall I loved this church and the beautiful horseshoe balcony. It was a sad day indeed.

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