St Andrew’s Court

If you’ve been away from Blantyre for any length of time recently, you may be surprised to see several large new developments under construction. The town is changing and one notable development is the new flats between Logan Street and Church Street. This great drone picture by Blantyre Drone Works shows the development well in the first week of June 2022.

On a previous plot of land known as St Johns Wood, on what was formerly the Priory Bar, Shooting Range and the Rev Burleigh’s home, Abbeygreen, flats are rising from the ground with a new entrance on Church Street itself. It’s been confirmed to me that the new development at the bottom of Church Street, Blantyre will have a new street name of “St Andrew’s Court.”

Glenesk Homes are currently well progressed with building the houses and flats opposite St Andrews Church just off Glasgow Road, working for client Clyde Valley Housing Association. At the time I scheduled this post in early June 2022, the tiles are being fitted to the roofs and internal fit-out underway.

The development of 20 new flats has foundations, walls and roof timbers now in place. I have to admit thinking parking would be inadequate but planning assure that there’s sufficient space for all residents.

I’ll also admit, I wasn’t keen on the development when I first heard about it. Such a site with a large carpark at Asda beside it, lends itself well to retail, rather than housing. However, seeing the flats now built and driving along Glasgow Road, I looked up to see these two storey homes, and was instantly transported back to the 1970’s, with a sense of nostalgia to see Glasgow Road once again built upon with good quality homes. The development looks nice and has now grown on me, feeling like it has filled a vacant, empty expanse on prime Glasgow Road space with some purpose and identity. We need more homes in Blantyre and meantime, I’m sure these will be excellent residences for 20 new people and their families.

Attached also below are various photos taken during the construction. Site clearance first took place the week before lockdown in March 2020.

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