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1901 Milheugh House

A rather rare photo of Milheugh House, photographed from a more uncommon angle, from across the river Calder. This was taken in 1901 when the much respected Bannatyne family owned the property. The house was proposed to be sold to the County Council in 1957, but through re-negotiations wasn’t sold until 2nd May 1958 for the […]

Old Woman Spinning

Sent in by Marel Adam, this dutch painting dated 1658 by artist Nicolaes Maes was allegedly at Milheugh for some time in the 1800s belonging to William Bannatyne. William’s parents Andrew and Margaret were largely responsible for renovating, extending and landscaping Milheugh transferring it from Georgian Manor house to Victorian Grand home. In the 20th […]

The Bannatyne Daughters

Pictured here is Agnes and Elizabeth Bannatyne of Milheugh Estate, Blantyre. The lady without the necklace is Agnes Bannatyne who was painted in 1860 by the artist John Graham Gilbert. The same artist also painted her sister, Elizabeth, slightly earlier in the 1850’s, pictured here as the lady with the necklace. Both paintings were gifted […]