Stonefield Road Fatality, 1882

Warning this story contains upsetting content. In the 1880’s, much of Stonefield Road had wide, expansive fields at either side. Our story today took place in 1882 and remembers the life of a little Blantyre boy, who sadly lost his life in that rural setting.

On Tuesday 7th November 1882, five year old Edward Hoolighan, son of a Carter was heading from school back home to Hunthill. As he walked up Stonefield Road, he spotted the carriage of Mrs Bannatyne of Milheugh. Running up behind it, the game was to try to hang on to the fender bar at the back.

The coachman aware of the boys pranks, kept him off for a time, but then became unaware that the boy had succeeded in hanging on to the fender. Edward then started swinging on the back fender, his wee legs reaching under the coach whilst it sped up Stonefield Road. Suddenly one of his legs got caught between two of the spokes of a wheel and got jammed between the wheel and the springs. Of such force, his leg was wrenched off above the knee.

Dr Grant attended him and made arrangements for Edward to be sent to the Royal Infirmary in Glasgow. However, sadly during the night, he passed away from his injuries. His poor mother signed the death certificate.

This was a tragic story I hadn’t heard before but it highlights the dangers of that era, that perhaps we don’t think of these days. Edward Hoolighan and his short life is remembered here.

The carriage may have looked similar to the one pictured. Thanks to Alex Rochead for sharing this sad story.

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