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Priory Bridge, Summer 2017

These excellent photos were taken last Summer (2017) by Alex Rochead, shared here with permission. From the upstream side on the River Calder is ‘The Priory Bridge’ looking through to the road bridge (twin culverts). I love this photo showing the 3 stages of construction. The original narrow bridge that couldn’t even let 2 coaches […]

Ford at Holmbarns

  This photo likely from the 1910s or 1920s has prompted some discussion. It’s marked up “River Calder” but does not look like any location at Milheugh or Bardykes. I think this is the former Ford (water crossing), just south of the Holmbarns location. It was close to Newhousemill Road and Edge Farm at the High […]

1901 Milheugh House

A rather rare photo of Milheugh House, photographed from a more uncommon angle, from across the river Calder. This was taken in 1901 when the much respected Bannatyne family owned the property. The house was proposed to be sold to the County Council in 1957, but through re-negotiations wasn’t sold until 2nd May 1958 for the […]