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Moore Bricks

My friend Alex Rochead was walking in the Calder at New Year and found a couple of these bricks marked “Moore”. Wondering if they were from Wardrop Moore’s Greenhall brickie, Alex shared the pictures here. I was wondering if any brick experts could advise? I think that Wardrop Moore’s Craigmuir brickie stamped their bricks with […]

Blantyreferme Pits 1&2

Photographed here in the mid 1930’s are Blantyreferme Pits 1 and 2. Captured from the Clyde Bridges looking back to Blantyrefereme Bing, Fin Me Oot would be behind the horizon. Around the time of this picture, a few safety incidents occurred, a couple proving fatal. Five men were affected a serious, gassing accident in the Blantyre […]

Lady Nancy Mine

Thanks to Gordon Cook, for sending me this information relating to a legal dispute in the 1870’s around the sinking of the Lady Nancy Mine.    The article refers to a farmer, named George Barclay, who had leased the Farm of Greenhall from John Wardrop Moore. The farmlands were fully 66 acres.    Without any consultation or […]