1920’s Milheugh House


1920s Milheugh House1 wmSharing some new, high resolution photos with you today. Pictured here in the 1920’s is the former large Milheugh House, which once stood near the falls at the Calder.

In some colourful clarity it is easier to see the older, Georgian part of the house and beside it the Victorian extensions with long tall windows. These pictures may give a good indication of the sheer scale of this building, owned at that time by the Bannatyne family.

I’ll be revisiting and delving into Milheugh House again next year, in further detail whilst writing up a book about “Blantyre’s Lost Houses”.

Demolished in the 1960’s, whats your memories of this house?

Featuring Blantyre Project Social Media with permission. Strictly not for use by others on or offline, our visitors said,:

Henry Hambley Impressive house.
Blantyre Project it certainly was. So sad the council tore this down. It must have been a massive maintenance liability for them in the middle of council owned land at the time, but it could have been council flats, or offices, community space or even Blantyre’s museum with just a little investment.
Jean Maxwell I remember it well we had great fun in it when it was in ruins
Anthony Smith I only remember the ruins in the early 1960,s.
Jean McIntosh Lovely house. It could have been turned into flats


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