Knitted Socks Competition, 1917

g7yczr5y-1407374207Owing to the great number of socks needed for soldiers at the front, local Blantyre women came up with a great idea in 1917, to help gather in as many socks as possible.

Mrs Moore of Greenhall House and her friend Mrs Bannatyne of Milheugh House offered a prize each month to members of High Blantyre War Work Party who sent in the greatest number of knitted socks.

Gathered in on the first Monday of each month, this further incentive ensured a large number of socks could be sent to the soldiers in mainland Europe each month. Just one example of how Blantyre rallied in wartime.

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Margaret Stewart I remember my mother knitting socks for my dad who was in the TA. I wondered why she just didn’t buy a pair. Oh I don’t think she ever finished knitting them
Anne Irvine Brilliant and ONLY 100yrs ago !!!!!!!
Philip Pohler Great initiative and would give the kitters the knowledge that they were doing their bit to help their loved ones at the front
Eileen Donnelly Interesting



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