1950 Little Elizabeth Weaver



Another of Elizabeth Weavers wonderful photos from 1950. This is Elizabeth as a child at 104 Victoria Street. She told me, “We lived in the house right next to the railway bridge. You’ll see the fields behind the house? We called that “the plots” – must have been allotments at one time, I think. Children played football and rounders there and you could walk over to Stonefield Rd through “the plots”. We had a big garden then but it was cut in half to build the new houses which are now there.”

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Gord Fotheringham Fantastic job paul

Jean Gibson My aunt Nettie Purse lived in Victoria Street. The last house before the lane that went on to High Blantyre Main Street.

Mary Kane Tricia Grieve Does this take you back? xxx

Tricia Grieve Oh me Kenny,Robbie,Margaret and jean spent most of our time up the plots building dens or playing cowboys and Indians what I would give for one day back then with them xxxx

Mary Kane I can just imagine you all. Happy days.

Elizabeth Weaver Tricia Grieve – did you live in Victoria Street? I remember a family called Grieve who lived in the corner house (corner of Victoria Street and Morris Crescent).

Mary Kane ElizabethTricia Grieve is my sister in law. Small world that you are a cousin through your mum of my cousins the Scotts of Blantyre. xx
Elizabeth Weaver Mary Kane It is indeed! I’ve heard of you through my Scott cousins of course – their daddy Bill Scott grew up in that same house, at 104 Victoria Street, and he and Auntie Alice were very much part of our childhood. xx

Mary Kane That’s amazing. I understand your Auntie Alice and my mum Barbara McCabe were first cousins. Another piece of the jigsaw completed. I visited Victoria Street many times in the late 60s getting to know Tricia and her family when she married my older brother. Nicest family you could ever meet. xx

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